Free consultation 30 minutes

Price: £0



The Permanent Makeup Consultation is Free. It is the ideal time for
you to ask and answer questions.
of the most important elements is qualifying a client to be a good
candidate for Permanent Makeup. Medical history questions will be
evaluated between the client (you) and myself Please advise me upon
booking your consult of any allergies, ailments, disabilities, high
blood pressure, pregnancy, diabetes etc.. We can will also discuss the
Pre/Post Procedure Instructions so you can be prepared for the procedure
requirements and the aftercare required during the healing period.

the Permanent Makeup Consultation you should wear your makeup as you
wear it daily.

you choose to make an appointment for the procedure or the consultation,
it is always nice for me to see how
you have been
applying your eyebrow makeup
evaluating your eyebrows, if I think I can make your brows better to
enhance your features, I will change the design and/or placement of one
of your brows and we will compare my design to your design. Just
remember it is what you like, and not what I like.

addition, I will evaluate your facial features and skin tone and make
suggestions for pigment color. Please remember to bring your brow makeup
with you to the Consultation so that I may better understand your color
preferences .

you in advance for considering me as your Permanent Makeup Technician
for your Procedure.